Fall 2018/Winter 2019 Registration For Actors and Musicians

For Quick Registration please click the links below. All other forms are at the bottom of the page.

Semester Payments for Private Vocal and Instrumental Lessons for Single and Multiple Students/Siblings.

Sibling, and Registration fees are already added for each student, and group of siblings and covers, 20 weeks of lessons from September 4th, 2018 to February 7th 2019

Fall Semester Payments2018-2019

Annual Payments:

Please call Bennett Academy at 914-661-2143 or email Bennettacademy1996@gmail.com to get your invoice for annual payments for your child/ren's tuition.

Acting Class Registration

Classes in Session this year:

1. Broadway Beginners- Thursdays 6-7pm- ages 7-9 (Mateo Ferro)

(10student limit)

2. Broadway Beginners- Thursdays 5-6pm- ages 10-12 (Jorge Ramos)

(20 student limit)

3. Intermediate Level- Acting class Friday 6-7-  ages 12- 15 (Oscar Esparza) 

(20 student limit)

4.  Advanced Actors Class- Fridays 6-7pm- ages 16 to young adult (Alan Esparza)

(20 student limit)

Auditions and Consultation required for membership to these classes.

Each classes cover, Acting techniques, Group Singing, Film work and Staged Combat classes, all age appropriate with certain levels of difficulty for each group. There will be an Actors Showcase and  performances in January, 2019 and June 2019 Feel free to call 914-661-2143 for more information.

Classes are $220 per month, Please register below to hold your  desired spot.

Forms: Contract and Policies For Prospective, Newly Registered and Returning Students

Returning Students Registration:

If you wish to register for lessons/classes,  and you have made your registration fee payment please download and fill out the registration forms  and policy and procedure forms below.  You can also fill these forms out in the studio and decide on semester payments or monthly payments and  your desired lesson day and time. Group lessons are based on teacher availability and enrollment.  

  Steps to Registration:

Prospective Students Registration:

To Register in office, Please fill out the form below to set up an appointment


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For prospective students, who have already visited our studio, you can set up a consultation with any one of our teachers to see if the class, private lesson or teacher is the best fit for you. Please refer to our Consultation Page to email your information and set up a day for your consultation.  A consultation is $40


Please read the Policy and Contract carefully before signing. We recently updated several policies and procedures this June 2017.