The King Of The Rodeo

Character Breakdowns:

Fall 2017 to Spring 2018 season

Bill Jessup: Father of the Jessup Family, Strong, Determined. Fast to Anger, but equally good hearted. (Baritone/Bass Voice)(Caucasion, Tall, Male)

Elaine Jessup: CASTED

Abaddaiah Jackson: Evil Narrator in Agape Jail. Omenous figure, devilish.(African American. Tall -Baritone, Bass)

Crawford Kinsington: Handsome but evil upper class teen, New Yorker of 1800s (Caucasian, Tenor)

Chief Otaktay: Lakota Chief. Fierce, Commanding presence. (Native American, Latino-Tenor voice)

Jake Jessup/Chasing Bull:  Adult Jake. Strong Leading Man, that can bring humor and drama to his character (Caucasian, 19-22 years old-beautiful Tenor Voice)

NOTE: For Bill Jessup and Elaine Jessup-young actors will be made to look older.

Show Dates are:

April 29th, 2018 at Murphy Center, New Rochelle, NY

June 24th, 2018 at Murphy Center, New Rochelle, NY

Please Note:

  • Bennett Academy does not perform junior versions or revivals of Broadway plays, because we like to support up and coming playwrights, composers and directors in original productions that have the possibility for growth in the theater industry.  
  • All actors who are not students of Bennett Academy must audition for the desired role in a production or for membership. All actors ages 7-20 are welcome.

Upcoming Productions:

  • King Of The Rodeo- Theater
  • Odella Williams Show-Film
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Audition requirements for Actors who are not students of Bennett Academy: Sing 16 bars of two stage, classical, or popular songs, and/or prepare a comedic, and dramatic monologue.

Theater Intern requirements: Set up an interview, please bring resume. (aspiring set designers, sound, stage management, light techs, etc)

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