Fall 2017 to Spring 2018 season

Aspiring actors, playwrights and filmmakers, who are not students of Bennett Academy, can join Polyphonic Entertainments Actor's Group Program. Polyphonic Entertainment is Bennett Academy's production company, that produces plays and films throughout the year.  This program offers non students and/or community artist professional opportunities in theater and film.

This program offers:

  • Work with professional directors, seasoned actors, and master teachers
  • Learn and improve vocal, acting, and dance techniques.
  • Create a jam packed Film reel and resume boosting Theater experience.
  • Get the opportunity to receive agent representation.
  • Mentorship in the field, through master classes

This Program is great for:

  •  Elementary, Junior High and High School actors and singers, who want real world performance experience.
  • Youth who are interested in theater management (sound and lighting techs, stage management)

 Actors who would like to participate in our Theater & Film Program must audition, or set up an interview:

  •  September 15-October 15th for the Winter Show,  
  • February 15th-March 15th for the Summer 2018 Show.  

There are two shows for each semester.  Please fill out the form below for more information and to receive a character breakdown of King Of The Rodeo.

Polyphonic Entertainment Actor's Group Membership is $700/year ($350 per semester) for aspiring auditioned actors who are NOT students of Bennett Academy, but who will be provided career enhancing benefits, acting techniques and group voice instruction, for their participation in our productions.

Theater/Film Membership

Please Note:

  • Bennett Academy does not perform junior versions or revivals of Broadway plays, because we like to support up and coming playwrights, composers and directors in original productions that have the possibility for growth in the theater industry.  
  • All actors who are not students of Bennett Academy must audition for the desired role in a production or for membership. All actors ages 7-20 are welcome.

Upcoming Productions:

  • King Of The Rodeo- Theater
  • Odella Williams Show-Film
2017-06-23 18.23.49-1.jpg

Please fill out form below to set up an interview or an audition.

Audition requirements for Actors who are not students of Bennett Academy: Sing 16 bars of two stage, classical, or popular songs, and/or prepare a comedic, and dramatic monologue.

Theater Intern requirements: Set up an interview, please bring resume. (aspiring set designers, sound, stage management, light techs, etc)

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Pictures of some of our theater production. For our film productions go to our youtube page