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Summer Acting Program- 2019

Classes are divided into three age groups and they include:

Elementary (9-12)

Teens (13-15)

Young Adults (16-18)

The camp has two four hour time slots and one three hour time s:

8am to 12pm, and

1pm to 5pm

5pm to 8pm-this slot was recently added by popular demand. Students can either pay for full 6 weeks or 3 weeks at a time. The weeks do not have to be consecutive. See Below

Summer Acting 5 to 8 pm

Each Four Hour time slot and the entire Six Week Summer program covers:

1. Speech Perfection-Voice Acting

2. Monologue Work for theater and film

3. Scene Study-Students work on scenes both comedic and dramatic

4. Stage Combat

5. Improvisation

6. Group Vocal Singing

7. Backstage Lab-Students learn daily preparation of the Backstage environment, how to work with Stage techs, develop dressing room and personal responsibility in order to keep a pleasant environment.

8. Psychology of Performance

Students learn to:

  • break unconscious negative thinking and behavior, that can plague even gifted children.

  • be responsible for the outcome of a performance, and what techniques to create positive outcomes

  • create positive thinking to create students personal goals for performance.

  • NOTE: All the classes are customized for each age group and for the stage combat classes the students are partnered with same gender,

  • There will be two Performances. The first will be after three weeks (the Actors Showcase) and another after 6 weeks (Short Musical-The Music Class)


Below is Our Summer Acting Program prices and payment plans. Feel free to call 914-661-2143 if you have any questions. Our fees cover all aspects of the program, such as, costumes, notebooks, and all supplies


Pre-Teen Actors


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