Actors Course Descriptions


Classes include:

Elementary Aged Actors (7-9)

1. Broadway Kids (ages 7-9) Thursdays 6-7pm (Mateo Ferro) and Thursdays 5-6 (Jorge Ramos)

   Class consists of: 

*Fun games and techniques to open up confidence and social interaction among young actors.  The class works on improvisation, building imagination, through storytelling games, and creative group activities.  Our teacher will show the students how to build a great personality on stage.  

Teens and Young Adults Workshop ages 10-22-

2. Preparatory Level Class- Friday 6-7pm, (Oscar Esparza)

3. Advanced Level Class Professional Prep. -Friday 6-7pm (Alan Rodriguez)

The Preparatory Level Class and Professional Prep class, both tackle acting techniques, in different degrees.  The Preparatory Level prepares students for performance, and strengthening vocal, speech and acting talents.  The Professional Prep class prepares our teen and young adult for professional work in theater, film, and television.  Their class is more intensive and works to prepare the actor not only for performance, but the business of the entertainment world.

Our 40 Week program covers:

1. Speech Perfection-Voice Acting

2. Monologue Work

3. Scene Study-Students work on scenes both comedic and dramatic

4. Stage Combat

5. Improvisation

6. Group Vocal Singing and Sight Singing (for Advanced level only)

7. Backstage Lab-Students learn daily preparation of the Backstage environment, how to work with Stage techs, develop dressing room and personal responsibility in order to keep a pleasant environment.

8. Psychology of Performance (Advanced Level Professional Prep class Only)-Students learn to:   *  *..break unconscious negative thinking and behavior. that can plague even gifted children.

* responsible for the outcome of a performance, and what techniques to create positive outcomes

*...create positive thinking to create students personal goals for performance.


Pre-Teen Actors


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