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Special look behind the scenes of the Off Broadway play, King Of The Rodeo. The play made its debut June 23rd, 2017 at The American Theatre Of Actors.

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Off Broadway Documentary $10 to stream.

Off Broadway Documentary $10 to stream.

What She Deserves-A Murder Mystery Theatre Production.

The Cast of 2016 What She Deserves A Murder Mystery

The Cast of 2016 What She Deserves A Murder Mystery

It's 1920s England, and the handsome but severely evil Lord Stanville is having a tea party to celebrate the Bicentennial of his illustrious family.  However the wild Irish show girl Duchess Hartley shows up, and causes a ruckus amongst Stanville's guests and servants.  This dark comedy will have you rolling in the isles.  

If you missed the show June 26th, 2016 show, we are streaming the theatre production September 1st, 2019 when you subscribe to our website using the signup bar below.  


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